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PI Motion offers solutions to optimize the management and the valorization of patent portfolios.


Management (PI-Planner)

PI Planner is a collaborative software solution Saas type to centralize and secure all information related to your patent portfolio. It allows edition of key indicators in support of the strategic decision.


Valorization (PI-Trader)

PI Trader is a web platform dedicated to patent sales and licensing. It allows an industrial property rights holder (company, research center, individual inventor) to sell or to propose licensing  of his patent.



PI Motion propose specific support missions and a selection of documentation and training materials.


PI Planner is a SaaS solution dedicated to facilitate the management of patent portfolios in companies. Designed to be directly operational, it does not require complex and costly installation.


PI Planner  is a collaborative software solution to centralize and share all the information about your patent portfolio (content, texts, drawings, correspondence, budgets, international applications, agenda, management of the inventors).



PI Planner helps to  analyze information related to your patent portfolio and to extract in real time the key elements  supporting the strategic decision.   

PI Planner facilitates reporting through graphical interfaces and a large set of pre-formatted indicators.



  PI Planne
r is based on web technology and allows secure information sharing and collaboration between the different companies of the same group and between the company and its external partners (Patent attorneys, agencies, subsidiaries, ...).


PI Trader is a web platform for selling or licensing patents. It unables the linking of the different players of the market of intellectual property rights.


PI Trader allows you to sell  or license a patent or a group of patents that you want to value indirectly. The ad format is the same that is used in the patent databases.


International visibility

Whether you are holder or investor, PI Trader guarantees maximum visibility to all professionals that manage broking operations  worldwide. Permanent  SEO allows your add to be placed in the first pages of search engines.


Follow up

PI Trader let you informed of the popularity of your ad (Number of views). The linking  with potential investors is made in total confidance.

PI Trader allows investors to defined advanced search queries  and to be personally informed in real time of the sale of intellectual property rights in their field of interest.

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